Apple Store Exhibition
June 2016 On June 14 2016 I held a guerrilla exhibition in the Apple Store in Amsterdam.

You can (re)visit the works in the exhibition via the floor plan page I made at

VLC.ttf - Philipp Teister

iPhone Poetry - Ryder Ripps

ECHO - Luis Rodil-Fernández

Erasing Erased de Kooning Drawing - Miron Galić

Burger - Yuliyan Ilev

The World's Most Exclusive Membership - Joyce Overheul

meowPrint - Stefano D'Alessio

I'm Not Really Confident, Therefore I Am - Oscar van Leest

iYoga - Hendrike Nagel

STUCK TOGETHER - Martina Menegon - Margarida Magelhães

skewmorphism x55 - buurmen