Anonymous 2016
June 2016
In collaboration with Gabriëlle Gijsbers, Juul Koene, Michelle van Ool and Channin Scholten
Anonymous 2016 was an evening on online privacy, anonimity and identity.

There were talks by Belgian media artist Dries Depoorter and Evelyn Austin from Bits of Freedom. Evelyn first explained the current state of digital surveillance. Dries presented and gave background on his works that involve the privacy of himself and others.

Everything took place in the fictional Privacy4You Store. Which had a Privacy Bar where employees would help visitors to privatize their phones. Having the event in a fictional store also made for a visual identity for the event that was inspired by phone stores and consumer electronics advertisement and packaging.

In the store an encrypted video installation was exhibited as well. Visitors could only see the video when they would wear a pair of Decryption Glasses. They could also get a pocket sized dictionary containing one term on the themes of the event per letter.

Documentation by Oscar van Leest and Yuri Keukens. Find more here.