Action Shoplogs
May 2015
Presented at the Amsterdam Internet Yami-Ichi
Webpage that functions as a "Simultaneous Cinema" about a genre of video that only exists on the internet: shoplogs. In these videos girls from 12 to 62 present to the viewer what they have bought. Especially the ones about the Action (a franchise where you can get the worst quality products for dirt cheap prices) I find highly fascinating. Often these girls are reading the packaging, because they also don’t really know why they bought all this crap. But they can always defend it with the fact that it just looked super cute or that is was really really cheap. To make a simultaneous cinema with these videos I copied a page from the Action’s website and replaced all products with shoplog videos. When you play them all together it results in an amazing cacophony of hollow speeches on why to buy more scented candles or glue guns and overly long product descriptions.

This project was part of the Simultaneous Cinema presented with my classmates at the Internet Yami-Ichi 9 May 2015 at De Brakke Grond in Amsterdam.

You can watch this project over here.